Club Committee

John Shemoon – President
Daniel Sada- Vice President
Charli Touma- Secretary
Morris Oraha- Treasurer
Youkhana Khamis- Director
Nuel Moshi- Director
Isaac Isaac- Director
Sam Toma- Director
Semon Shlemon- Director



The Assyrian Sports and Cultural Club would like to acknowledge and show gratitude to the following twelve founding members for all their perseverance, loyalty and exertion in establishing our organisation, which was officially registered on 13th November 1972

The legacy and aspirations of the original 14 Founding Members will forever be enshrined and remembered by previous, current and future Club Directors, Members and their Guests.

Alex Joseph Abrahams
George Yousif Dirou
Yul Sandria Eshoo
Eshu Benjamin Hallaby
Romeo Minas Hanna
Edmond Avia Kelaita
Notali Philemon Kelaita
Eshaya Somo Mirza

Fraidon Somo Mirza
Shimshon Katcho Sheno
Yuel Eshaya Shalalo
Emmanuel Warda
Jacob Eshoo Yohanana
Benjamin Youkhana

The Assyrian Sports and Cultural Club would also like to acknowledge and thank Mr Assur Jako, Mr Youkhana Khamis, Mr Khamis Saliba, and Rabi Yousif Toma for all their support in the land acquisition process and establishment of the Club premises.

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